In Bristol, one of the strangest houses is located. It appears very narrow, and it seems impossible to live in it.

In the English city of Bristol, there is an unusual house. A two-story residential building with five apartments is located in one of the peaceful residential neighborhoods of the city. On the left side, the house appears very narrow, only 60 centimeters wide. However, if you move to the other end, you can notice that it has a perfectly normal shape.

One of the residents of the house, 59-year-old Andy Watson, has been living there for nearly two decades. However, for sixteen years, he had no idea that his house had a narrow shape.

Andy explains that he consistently takes the same route to and from work. From that side, the house appears entirely ordinary. His amazement was profound when his brother visited him three years ago. His brother asked how Andy managed in his narrow house. Watson didn’t understand the question. That’s when his brother took him outside and showed him the front of the house.

„My brother found the shape of my house amusing, but it even bothered me a bit. How is it that I didn’t notice it before, especially since I had already paid attention to similar houses built on narrow street corners?“ confessed the Briton.

At the same time, he explains that his life in the house goes on normally. He has never considered moving elsewhere. Inside the house, where the narrowest space is, there is a utility room. There are four washing machines that the residents of the house use.

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