Pierce Brosnan, 69, defends his Keely against haters who say she ‚let herself go‘ – he’s ‚loved every curve of her‘ for 28 years

Keely, the wife of Pierce Brosnan, is often attacked on her physique on social networks. Fortunately, the actor has always been there to protect her. Note that they have been together for more than 25 years. And it was Keely who helped him mourn his first wife.

Known for several years for his role as Agent 007 in the 4 films of the “James Bonde” franchise, Pierce Brosnan will soon appear in “Black Adam”.

He was indeed chosen by Jaume Collet-Serra to play “Doctor Fate”. Needing a “legend”, a “special actor”, the director had set his sights on Pierce who had recently played “Louis XIV” in “The King’s Daughter (La fille du roi)”.

You should know that in real life, Pierce Brosnan had a daughter, Charlotte. The latter was born of the relationship between his first wife and Dermont Harris. Unfortunately, he had lost her in 2013 in the same way as his mother who died years earlier.


Charlotte Harris, the daughter of Pierce Brosnan, joined the stars after having fought “with grace and humanity, with courage and dignity”, ovarian cancer. Leaving at the age of 41, she had left great sorrow in the hearts of her children and awakened a painful memory in her adoptive father.

Charlotte and her brother Christopher were indeed adopted by the famous Irish actor after the death of their biological father, Dermot Harris. Despite the fact that they are not united by blood, between the actor and the children of his first wife, Cassandra Harris, reigned a perfect union.

“We just clicked as a family. At first I was Pierce, then I was dad Pierce, then I just became a dad. Charlotte and Chris have been amazing in my life,” had delivered the father of the family in an old interview.

The family more united than ever was then joined by little Sean, who was born in 1983. Unfortunately, this beautiful harmony was broken by the disappearance of “Cassie”, who, too, had succumbed to ovarian cancer.

On the eve of their 11th wedding anniversary, Pierce still remembers „the longest night of his life“. The actor was lying next to his beloved when she took her last breath. As he confided himself, “this drama will always be part of his life” just like his wife.

“She is forever ingrained in every fiber of my being. She is there with me every day. I was so lucky to have met someone like that,” he added during his interview.

Even though he has a new woman in his life, Pierce Brosnan confesses that “The dark and melancholy Irish dog sits… once in a while” next to him. Seeing his late wife “bit by bit eaten away by this insidious disease has made his grief “an indelible part of your psyche”. Fortunately, Keely was able to comfort him and was able to rekindle the love in him.


Journalist Keely Shaye Smith has shared Pierce’s life for several years. Since the loss of his daughter and his wife, the man no longer wants to see “the glass half full”. You should also know that the 007 of the 90s, who was abandoned in boarding school as a child, offers a whole other value to the family. Indeed, from a young age, Pierce had been forced to “sleep in “an iron bed surrounded by a curtain”.

And Keely allowed him to forge this value that he already had in him.

“She has this strength without which I could not live. I am weak when she looks at me,“ he told.

Keely’s husband, who turned 69 in May 2022, in an interview with Independent.

As a reminder, the two lovers met a few years after Cassie’s death. And Keely was for Pierce the one who helped him mourn his late wife. After seven years of dating, the couple then married in 2001. And from their relationship were born two young men.

In another interview he gave to Gentleman’s Journal, the father of Christopher, Sean, Dylan and Paris wanted to know how important it is for him to be a father. He quoted:

“I cherish being a father. I didn’t grow up with a father figure or a strong family. There was a deep divide, a certain isolation and loneliness that wielded the wonderful power of my imagination. I had to deal with my own senses and intuition. I appreciate and therefore love the family.”

He had mentioned in passing that „Keely is the most amazing mother and wife ever.“ Having frequented and shared his life for more than 25 years, he reveals that they still have “dreams to achieve”. And it is not the Internet users, who speak ill of his wife, who will prevent them from continuously experiencing happiness.


After nearly 30 years of relationship, it must be said that a strong and exceptional bond united the two spouses. Having become grandparents of three beautiful grandchildren, Marley, Sophie and Lucas, Pierce and Keely are a model couple that has been forged over time. And that was proven by the sweet statement Pierce made to his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary.

“My love grows forever with you. »he wrote for his wife who did not fail to answer him by thanking him “for the gift of his love and his friendship”.

Obviously still in love with his wife, Pierce has always made it a point of honor to make his declarations to her in public. And gentleman as he is, he does not fail to come to the aid of his beloved when haters attack her.

Reprimanded on her physique which has thickened over the years, Keely has indeed been the victim of hateful comments on social networks. Like this time a commenter wrote:

“Oh, what a shock! …You married a beautiful, younger woman who now looks so matronly that she might be the same age as you…I don’t remember ever seeing the wife of an important man let herself go that far. ”

In defense of his wife, Pierce once made it known that friends once offered him surgery to lose weight.

“But I deeply love every curve of her body. She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. And also because he had our five children.”

he made it clear.

While some waste their time criticizing his wife, Pierce enjoys every moment of happiness with the one who saved him from melancholy.

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