Ignoring the critics Lara Fabian published her body at 52

Ignoring the critics Lara Fabian published her body at 52

At 52, Lara Fabian is comfortable in her skin thanks to her workouts.

Moreover, in her photos, the singer always appears beautiful and radiant. However, it is not always unanimous.

Lara Fabian took the stage at the Olympia on October 3, 2022. And the least we can say is that despite her age, the singer is still just as lovely and in very good shape.

Moreover, a few hours before her show, the interpreter of “I love you” took a photo of herself in scantily clad clothes.

Then published on his Instagram account, the photo in question sparked numerous comments.

And some weren’t very complimentary. It’s been some time now since Lara Fabian began a Best Of world tour.

Thus, after having been in Belgium, the Canadian singer recently set foot in Paris.

A great opportunity for her to promote her latest book “Everything”, attend a few Fashion Week shows.

But above all to find her French fans. Note that for the latter, the beautiful blonde had already planned two shows in the legendary Olympia venue, one of which took place on October 3.

Moreover, it must be said that it was a real success, since the interpreter of “I am sick” received many positive comments on social networks.

In any case, she had already prepared well before her show, to see the photo she shared in her dressing room a few hours before going on stage.

She even revealed herself in scantily clad clothes in the photo. And with her hair down and her transparent tights, the former juror of “The Voice” was simply magnificent.

Despite the criticism from certain Internet users, the beautiful Canadian can still be happy and proud, since she still has her many fans who support her. Many of them even left glowing comments on his photo.

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