Couple buys old dilapidated mansion for $155,000 and transforms it into a majestic dream home

The allure of a dilapidated mansion in Aberdeen, North Carolina was too strong for Abby and Trey Brothers to resist.

When they first saw the 109-year-old property, it was in a dilapidated state, with broken windows and no locks.

But beneath the decay, the couple saw potential.

They dreamed of a home full of history and charm and were determined to bring it back to life.

Abby told CNBC Make It:

“It was important to preserve the original details of the house because it is history. Houses are not built today like they were in 1913. The details are different. And if you want details like that in a house today, they are very expensive.”

The villa, which spans over 6,000 square feet, was purchased for a paltry $155,000. However, the renovation was a significant expense, costing her an additional $268,000.

Abby remembers the instant connection she felt when she came across the offer online while browsing and compared it to the security she felt when she decided to marry Trey.

To Trey, the house felt like home when he first stepped inside, despite the obvious need for extensive repairs.

A home with history.

The mansion’s rich history is intertwined with the Page family, important industrialists who played a crucial role in the development of North Carolina.

Entering the house felt like stepping into another time.

Old magazines, remnants of past celebrations and the odd placement of the kitchen in the basement painted a vivid picture of the past.

The house was a time capsule waiting to be opened.

Discovering the villa on Zillow was a happy accident. Abby’s accidental zoom out led her to the offer, and the couple quickly saw the potential for profit.

Before making the purchase, they consulted with several contractors to estimate renovation costs.

Their investment proved to be a wise one when the house was later valued at over $900,000.

Preserving the villa’s original details was the top priority.

The Brothers recognized the value of the home’s historic features, from the 110-year-old hardwood floors to the delicate woodwork.

These details, in her opinion, were irreplaceable and a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

The house was a treasure trove of antiques, many of which the couple decided to restore and incorporate into their home.

From the sideboard in the living room to the furniture in the study, each piece tells its own story.

They even transformed a former telephone cabinet into a quirky red bathroom, paying homage to its original function.

The dining room and kitchen have undergone significant changes.

Originally, part of the dining room collapsed into the basement.

Now it stands stable and leads into a master bedroom with a unique fireplace.

The names of the masons, immortalized behind the mantelpiece, commemorate those who built the house.

The sunroom has been converted into a spacious bathroom, complete with a freestanding tub that once belonged to Abby’s great-grandmother.

The villa has several bedrooms, each with their own charm.

The second floor houses four bedrooms connected by Jack-and-Jill baths.

There’s also a „sleeping porch“ that’s been repurposed as a nursery for the couple’s child.

The Brothers have put their heart and soul into every corner of the house to ensure that every room exudes history and love.

For Abby and Trey, this mansion is more than just a house; it is the result of their dedication and vision.

They see themselves living there forever and hope that future generations of their family will continue to cherish them.

Abby is proud to have saved a piece of history.

She believes the experience was worth every challenge and hopes her story inspires others to undertake similar adventures.

Watch the video below for a closer look at the Brothers‘ journey and their beautiful home!

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