15 things you should never plug into an electrical outlet

Outlets are a common solution for situations where the number of plugs in a standard outlet is not enough to power all appliances and electronics.While these devices can be used to charge smartphones or power entertainment systems, some use too much power and should never be plugged into an outlet.
Overheated outlets pose a fire hazard when using high-powered appliances such as toasters, heaters and air conditioners.

Also, do not use an outlet in a wet area, such as a kitchen or laundry room, as it may become damaged.
1. refrigerators
2. microwave ovens
3. coffee makers
4. cooker hoods
5. kettles
6. Hair care appliances
7. Conditioners
8. Wastewater pumps
9. Air compressors
10. One additional outlet
11. Juicers
12. Washing machine
13. Portable heaters
14. power tools
15. Play equipment

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