Why are you so cruel?

“Why are you so cruel to me? I’m not a thing that can be thrown away as soon as it gets tired. I am often asked why I focus on homeless animals. I do this to try to reach out to those who think that animals do not suffer from betrayal.



I don’t invent my stories, unfortunately, in our life sometimes situations happen that are difficult to invent. Sometimes animals are kept as toys. The owners do not understand that their pets are living beings and treat them like a thing. Such a role model is very quickly adopted by children, they consider such cruelty to be normal and reproduce it in the future.

Children copy the behavior of their parents. With my posts, I do not want to shame or offend anyone, I just want people to become at least a little kinder to each other. In our world, there are those who make every effort and spend months looking for their animals that accidentally ran away or got lost, there are those who build shelters and help homeless animals with their own money, and there are those who simply throw yesterday’s pet into the street, as if it were old. a toy.

My story today is about a puppy that was taken to a landfill along with other garbage. The kid is scared and lost, he does not know how his life will turn out now. I want to believe that very soon a caring person will take the baby to him, who will give him love and affection. I hope the baby will always be warm, well-fed, have fun walking next to his master on a leash. For care, the puppy will definitely thank with boundless love and fidelity.

A lot of books have been written about the loyalty of dogs, monuments are erected to dogs for their loyalty. Many have heard of Hachiko or seen a movie dedicated to this dog. Don’t be afraid to give a home to a dog you meet on the street, he will become your best friend very soon. Those who send their pets to live on the street are giving up their true and most loyal friend. Do not do that, because animals also have a soul, and betraying the love of a dog, you are committing a sin.

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