Touching moment: Rescued lion says goodbye to his beloved savior after spending 20 years together

The Columbia Lion animal shelter in Levgio Villa Lorena has become very well known.

Julia Torres in this sanctuary takes care of nine tigers, four lions, cougars, jaguars, bears, ostriches and also crocodiles.

A touching moment: the rescued lion says goodbye to his beloved savior after spending 20 years together.

There are even chimpanzees, monkeys and many birds. All animals have a general point. You have been abused.

Animals have lost their limbs, others are blind or have lost their eyes.

Julia says she has two children and 800 animals. Some are hairy and some have fingernails, but they’re all awesome.

The shelter is home to around 800 animals, but Julia’s favorite is still the lion called Jupiter.

Torres saved him from the circus. His former master released his claws and often abused poor animals.

This is why Jupiter did not believe in humans and did not even have a phobia of contact with humans. But when he met Julia, the lion easily forgot the existing phobia.

Unfortunately, Julia did not have the necessary documents to keep a lion, so the lion had to be transferred to the Monteria Zoo.

At the zoo, Justus fell ill and lost weight. The doctor determined that he has terminal liver cancer and anemia. But he finally got to see his beloved Julia Torres.

Torres was too skinny to admit it. Jupiter died in 2020, but Julia says her memory will last forever.

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