Their fate was already sealed

Going for a walk, Zakhar decided not to think over his route, but simply wander around the neighborhood. He was walking down the hill when he noticed an old well below. On the way down, he stepped on a stick that made a loud crunch, breaking the silence around him. Suddenly, the man heard a sound that came from an old deck. Zarakh immediately went there and looked down and saw three dogs. It was clear that the animals were thrown there on purpose.

There was no water in the well, but its depth reached three meters and the man could not help the animals on his own, so he immediately began calling the rescuers. In less than an hour, volunteers were at the well. To begin with, a container of water was lowered to the animals, because they could lie at the bottom of the deck for more than one day and experience terrible thirst and hunger.

Two rescuers descended into the well and took turns handing the animals upstairs to their colleagues. It took a couple of minutes for the whole trinity to be saved. The dogs were very happy to be free.

The rescuers thanked Zakhar for informing them of his unexpected find. The man was sure that in his place everyone would have done the same, but the volunteers, unfortunately, did not share his confidence.

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