The waiter notices that a man is having trouble eating alone and offers to help him personally

An unexpected act of kindness can change a person’s day and can even help them let their guard down a bit and finally trust their neighbor. Let’s be frank, people in difficulty are not always inclined to ask for help, but they appreciate a selfless gesture that can help them. Lee Bondurant, a man from Raleigh, North Carolina (USA), also witnessed it. The man suffers from cerebral palsy, a medical condition that causes him difficulty in using his upper limbs. One evening he went to dinner with his mother and a waiter, noticing his difficulty eating, offered to help him. Normally, Lee would have refused, but this time he let his guard down and decided to trust her.

Lee had gone with his mother to the 42nd St. Oyster Bar restaurant in Raleigh to enjoy a nice dinner, despite his mobility difficulties. His mother, of course, helps him eat while she eats herself, but the evening takes a more positive turn when one of the waiters offers to take a break and help Lee eat his oysters.

Lee’s mother recounted the beautiful moment in these terms: “The waiter gently approached and asked Lee if he had ever eaten oysters. Lee told him he had never tasted oysters, so the waiter asked if he could serve it. Lee wasn’t embarrassed at all and it was a nice moment. »

Lee prefers to do everything himself, but this time he couldn’t resist the kindness of the waiter. The server’s selfless act is what convinced Lee’s mother to share the story on Facebook. She commented, “Tell me there are still people like that in our country. »

Lee and the waiter saw each other again about a month later at the same restaurant, on Lee’s birthday.

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