The owners left, and the dog remained to guard the burnt house, hoping that they would return for him.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, and this story is about them.

The fires that raged in California destroyed many houses. Hundreds of people were left without a roof over their heads, and the elements took away their loved ones from many. The fires brought great grief to the region. The family, in which the dog Ricks lived, was evacuated in a hurry, because the fire was getting closer to their house. People have moved to Paradise.

People packed up and left in a hurry, they were scared, so they didn’t think about taking their animals. In addition to Rick, the dog Aksel also lived in the house. Animals were left completely alone in the face of the elements.

Animals were able to survive, it was a real miracle. The dogs were lucky after they retreated, they were helped by a woman named Michelle. The woman fed the dogs and took care of them. Over time, she took Axel to her, but Rix did not want to stay with Michelle, he spent his time in the place of the burnt house in which he had lived for so long, and Michelle could not take him out of there.

Every day a woman came to the ashes and brought food for the dog, this allowed him not to die of hunger.

The owner of the dogs, who was evacuated when the fire approached, was worried about the fate of her pets, she really missed the dogs. The woman was able to get to her burned-out house only a month later, when firefighters considered the trip safe.

The hostess was delighted to see Ricks in the place of her house, who guarded it. She then learned that Axel had also survived the disaster. Dogs came to their burned-out house and guarded it from outsiders, waiting for their owners to return for them.

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