The man put his dog on his back to avoid attacks from other dogs

Anyone who has a pet at home knows that walking a dog outside can be difficult.
Anyone with a pet at home knows that walking a dog outside can be difficult, not because the dog is a nuisance, but because it wants to gather and attack in large numbers.

As a trainer, you should do everything in your power to avoid these fights without hurting your dog.
To avoid such a situation, the Peruvian decided to support his dog like a lamb when he crosses a road where there are many dogs.
In the video, shared by user @lathali24 on TikTok, the dog can be seen barking and trying to chase it, but to no avail.
However, the owners of the dogs had to back off because one of them wanted to jump. Apparently, this is very common on this street.

When so many dogs are ready to fight each other, the ideal is to avoid conflicts. It will be understood that there will never be a winner in these fights, because all the dogs are injured.
He wanted to avoid that if possible. Let’s hope they become friends one day, because the video of this man going to any lengths to stop his animals from fighting has sparked a storm of reaction on the Internet.


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