The man has saved more than a thousand dogs. About 750 animals from the shelters are still waiting for him

Homeless animals are something that haunted the resident of Serbia. He constantly thought about how to help them, even if he himself lacked funds. The man was an ordinary worker, so he did not have much money. As a result, this Serbian resident has helped over 1,000 dogs, but 750 of them are still waiting for their rescuer.

This man has become one of the most active animal advocates in the country. He believed that every animal deserved help and care. Also, the man found six people with whom he created a small team.

Together, they opened a shelter, so that the animals are always warm and in favorable conditions. Sasha made the decision to open a shelter after returning home from work, he found two homeless puppies on the side of the road, literally begging for help.

The man’s name is Sasha. The shelter exists at the expense of donations from good people. The man takes his job very seriously. He knows all the dogs by name, sends them to be neutered and implanted with a special chip.

Over the years of her activity, Sasha rescued 1200 dogs. Among these animals, 400 dogs have found owners and 750 animals are still waiting.

When Sasha opened the shelter, he didn’t expect there to be so many strays. Sasha can be called a real hero.

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