The dog that Alain Delon saved from his body burns has died — He helped him live longer

Mambo, the martyr dog whose moving story toured France, died on September 15, 2022. Closely touched by the animal cause, Alain Delon wanted to see the little pinscher in 2013. As a “tremendous gift”, it was on his birthday that the actor was able to meet the dog and his new owners.

Mambo, martyr dog, in 2009, nearly lost his life in the worst way imaginable. The miniature pinscher had been mistreated and brutalized in front of the amused looks of two young people. Having survived the act of barbarism, the poor dog has become a symbol of the fight against animal cruelty.

As a victim, it was important for Mambo to be present at the trial against his two attackers. The youths aged 22 and 17 were however tried in court.

The oldest was sentenced to one year in prison plus a fine of 6,000 euros, while the youngest was tried in juvenile court.

If the judgments of the two young people were able to take place, it is also thanks to an online petition addressed to the president of the court of Perpignan.

Several groups on the Facebook social network have been dedicated to Mambo and his tragic story. In all, we could count 11,000 people who signed the petition asking that the serious act not go unpunished.

As for the brave dog, he was taken in by Dany and René Goizé where other little friends were waiting for him. Indeed, Mambo was able to live happily alongside two other dogs, Boogie and Rocky.

He gradually recovered from his injuries, although the burn marks remained.

What Alain Delon did for Mambo
When Mambo’s moving story was made public, many people stepped up to help his new foster family. Among them, we could count the actor Alain Delon.

Those who do not know him may be surprised by his gesture. Indeed, the one who had the most beautiful women in his arms is in fact an animal lover.

The ex-companion of Romy Schneider wished wholeheartedly “to see Mambo”. And indeed, his wish came true. The owners of the dog agreed to receive him on the very day of his birthday, that is to say Friday, November 8, 2013.

It was therefore a “tremendous gift” for the famous actor who had mobilized alongside Brigitte Bardot and Michel Drucker.

The three celebrities were on the stage at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan the day before the meeting where Alain Delon revealed his wish. As a reminder, Michel and Brigitte, in addition to Zinedine Zidane, other animal rights activists also helped to help the little dog and his owners.

You should know that by learning the story of the little pinscher, Alain Delon also participated in the rescue of Mambo. He had indeed sent his trusted vet to assist and care for Mambo.

Thanks to his gesture, those of other people and especially the foster family of the dog, he was able to survive several years later. In all, more than 10,000 euros were collected so that the dog has a good life.

Interviewed by the newspaper L’Indépendant in 2013, Alain Delon also made revelations about his love for animals. Moreover, this passion for “beasts” is one of the reasons why Brigitte Bardot and the actor of “Rocco and his brothers” are longtime friends.

This passion that the actor shares with his friend Brigitte Bardot
Alain Delon is an animal lover, but how much? To the point of being able to come to the aid of one of them by helicopter. During an interview, the actor made an incredible story of a little cat who found himself on three legs:

“…my wife at the time and my children were at a veterinarian when this cat was brought in because it had been run over by a car… There was talk of biting it. The children called me, I had the cat transported by helicopter to my Parisian veterinarian… Since then, he has been at home.”

At first, he had already confided that “the beasts touch him” and that he had fifteen “at the same time”. He also added that “very often”, Brigitte Bardot “requests him to help” in the fight against animal abuse.

And you should also know that Nathalie’s ex-husband does more than collect animals at his home. At more than 80 years old, the animal rights activist has a total of five shelters for stray dogs and cats.

He also had his own cemetery for animals and a chapel built. According to the famous man, in 2019, “45 dogs” are buried there and “couples are always buried together”.

Like these animals, Alain Delon wishes to be buried in this cemetery instead of that of Montmartre. For him, “it is the ultimate luxury”. Moreover, speaking of death, the friend of Brigitte Bardot expressed another wish at the time of his departure.

If he dies before his dog Loubo, a Belgian shepherd whom he considers “like a son”, he will ask the veterinarian that the dog be euthanized so that they can leave together.

Given his devotion to animals, it is therefore normal that he wanted to hold Mambo, the mascot, in his arms. Sadly, on September 15, 2022, the little dog died when he was 16 years old.

As announced on Instagram, the aging dog had been blind for a year and was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. “Time and disease, we do their work” and “after a good life”, little Mambo ended up leaving.

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