The builders found a piece of clay in the needles: having examined it closer, they rushed to the veterinarians

The incident took place in Hertfordshire. A hedgehog came to the construction site, which accidentally fell into the trench prepared by the workers. It was the last working day, so the builders covered the trench with boards and left. The animal fell into the gap between the boards. At the bottom of the pit was clay and water.

The hedgehog tried to get out on his own, climbing the steep walls of the pit. The clay, in which the animal got dirty, solidified every minute, restricting its movements and making the chances of salvation less and less. Having applied superpowers, the hedgehog got out of the pit, but his strength ended there. The animal was emaciated and cold, curled up in a ball and won’t budge until Monday, when construction workers returned to work.

The hedgehog rescue
The builders contacted the volunteers of the London organization, which is engaged in the rescue of hedgehogs. Animal rights activists warmed up and washed the clay off the hedgehog. It turned out that in front of them was a girl named Clayla.

People washed Clayla for more than half an hour. Volunteers believe that they were lucky that the animal turned out to be an adult, because for a small hedgehog they would have to look for a nurse.

The hedgehog froze if it was immediately warmed and then washed, the clay could dry out. The hedgehog was relaxed with warm water so that it turned around, while people made sure that it did not swallow water with clay.

An employee of the shelter says: “The builders were surprised when they saw a hedgehog, although it was more likely a lump of clay with a hedgehog inside. Apparently, the hedgehog fell into the pit when the builders left and lay by herself at the construction site all weekend, about 2 days.
Kleila was washed and fed, making sure that everything was in order with her, she was released into her natural habitat, choosing a beautiful clearing not far from the construction site.

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