The boy is convinced he has a twin in his class: In this photo, his mother is crying

A boy at school claims to have a twin. When he shows the photo at home, his mother cries.
One day, the boy comes home from school and claims he has a twin in his class. They talked for a while and the boy’s mother was delighted. One day the boy showed her a picture of him with her. The woman could not hold back her tears.

The kindergarten where 5-year-old Miles attends decided to organize a twin day. Theme days are usually held in America and students are asked to dress a certain way. On this occasion, the children had to choose a partner and dress the same. Miles had no doubts about the partner he would choose because he was convinced that Tanner was his twin, regardless of the day his kindergarten class was organized.

Miles’ mother, Brittney, knew her preschooler had a strong bond with a boy named Tanner. However, she had never met him in person. He didn’t know who he was and had no idea what he looked like. All he knew was that his son thought he was his twin brother.

Miles and Tanner are both different, but in his eyes they are identical, like twins. My mother said she cried because little children can upset us. They always have been. They may have ruled the world.

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