She takes care of 2 girls but discovers that they also have 2 little brothers: she adopts them all so as not to separate them

There are people in the world who seem almost predestined to take care of others. Kind, generous men and women willing to help without asking for anything in return. Such human beings exist and they are not so rare, especially those who decide not to look away when faced with problems involving children. It is then that a mechanism of solidarity is triggered, by which many give their availability to welcome isolated children and young people in need of love.

Among them is the protagonist of the story that we want to tell you. A former teacher who has made available her person, her time and her house to try to improve the lives of certain children.

Melissa Servetz is a woman living in Florida who shared her journey to motherhood. Single and fond of children, this former teacher decided to devote part of her life to taking care of children. So she started working in social services and over time cared for no less than 56 children in her care. They all stuck with her for a limited time, but something special happened when she met Jade and Destiny.

These two little girls needed a home when they came across Melissa’s path. “I was still teaching when the parent of one of my former students told me that he knew the mother of two little girls who were about to be expelled and needed a place where to stay, she said. So I called the agency I worked for and asked if that was really the case and they confirmed everything. That’s why I decided to take care of them both. »

The connection with Jade and Destiny was immediate, and Melissa began to think about adopting them. Then something just as important happened. While the two little ones were with her, their birth mother had two other children, Matthew and Emerson, who also needed a home to take them in. This woman didn’t think twice and decided to welcome them too, so that the four siblings could be reunited and grow together. Like many other people, she had always dreamed of having a big family and children. Their meeting was the right occasion and Melissa decided to adopt them.

A wonderful gesture that honored her and that inexorably changed the lives of five people. Now she and her children are happy and, most likely, everyone has fulfilled their dream. It only remains for us to wish them a splendid future.

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