Seeing that her father is sleeping, the little girl covers him with her coat: it is the proof of love

A video of a young child putting his exhausted dad to bed in his own coat so he can get some much-needed rest is going viral online.

The man taking a nap in the video after a hard day at the restaurant is the little girl’s father.

Then his young daughter appears in the kitchen to see how her father is doing. When she sees him sleeping, she instantly takes off her coat to cover him. What a beautiful act of love!


When his father finally opened his eyes, he slowly became aware of what was on his back. As he gazed intently at his daughter’s coat, he was overwhelmed with emotion at the kind gesture she had made.
In addition, after the pandemic, he had problems with the proper management of the restaurant. And his daughter’s selfless gesture of love made him feel completely overwhelmed with emotion.

Many under the photo left comments about how touching it was to watch this.

“His smile sums it all up. Even if it’s hard for you, it’s important to remember that you also did a great job raising him. Unconditional love characterizes the bond that exists between parent and child.

And there is no better feeling in the world than when parents discover how much their children react to this love.

God bless this hardworking guy and his kind and selfless daughter!

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