Katie Holmes, mother, criticized for her nose piercing and her oversized outfit: The break affects her strongly

Teenage mum Katie Holmes has come under fire for her recent look, weeks after splitting from her boyfriend, who is 10 years younger than her.

The alleged reason for their separation has been revealed.

Yet Katie is still very busy being the mother of teenage daughter Suri after her ex-husband Tom Cruise chose not to see his daughter for years. The alleged reason for this decision has been revealed.

Katie Holmes is the mother of a daughter named Suri Cruise, whom she had with her ex-husband and actor, Tom Cruise. On January 11, 2023, the actress was seen in New York.

A Twitter account shared two Getty images of the star wearing an oversized ensemble. Katie Holmes wore extremely wide-legged gold pants, a chunky black jacket that appeared to be made of leather, and silver heels.

The person who posted the images thought the actress was “not embarrassed” at all and dressed better than anyone at the Golden Globes that year. Additionally, Holmes, 44 in 2023, also appeared to sport a nose piercing.

One person disagreed with the post’s author’s take on the star’s look. One netizen said the actress looked “awful”, while another tweeted another photo of the look and asked what the actress did to her stylist.
One person responding to the second post’s tweet said Holmes’ breakup affected her “deeply”, hence her look. The same netizen also asked when Suri’s mother started wearing a nose piercing.
Another person poked fun at the star’s look, asking if she was wearing her ex-boyfriend’s clothes. The nose piercing seems to have started popping up a while ago, with a Twitter post from November 2022 where she sported it, and a comment from a follower stating:

“Katie Holmes’ nose piercing is as incongruous to me as Harrison Ford’s earring.”

On January 13, 2023, W Magazine shared an article on Facebook about Katie Holmes wearing wide leg pants on the same day. Another person who was unimpressed with the actress’ style thought she dressed “dumbly.”
The mentioned ex-boyfriend was younger than Ms. Holmes, and they didn’t date for very long. However, they were so serious about their relationship that the actress reportedly met her parents.

Who is Katie’s ex-boyfriend and why did they break up?
In April 2022, Bobby Wooten III, then 33, and Holmes, then 43, sparked romance rumors when they were seen holding hands and kissing in New York City. The following month, they made their red carpet debut as a couple at The Moth’s 25th anniversary gala.

Wooten III said he was happy to have the actress as a rider at the event. A few weeks later, the “First Daughter” star and the musician went together to the premiere of his movie “Alone Together” at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The couple held hands and smiled as they walked down the red carpet. In June, it was revealed that the couple had taken their relationship to the next level when the ‘Coda’ actress attended the wedding of close friend Bobby Wooten III in the Hamptons as a guest.

Holmes reportedly met the musician’s family there, and they liked it. An eyewitness said the star was very close with everyone, was “low key” and took pictures of her boyfriend who served as a groomsman.

The couple reportedly gave people many public displays of affection during the reception. The source claimed that whenever the duo got together, they were happy and hugged, adding:

“Katie and Bobby were very affectionate with each other at all times; they looked very much in love and didn’t care who saw them.”

In July, Holmes and Wooten III appeared to be making progress in their relationship as they strolled around New York City on multiple outings. Unfortunately, after only eight months of dating, it was revealed that the couple had separated.

In December 2022, a source revealed that Holmes and her boyfriend, ten years her junior, had broken up. A relative claimed that the actress no longer talks about Wooten III with her friends, with the source adding:

“It’s just that they haven’t been able to agree on the long term.”

Apart from her romantic relationships, Holmes was not only busy being an actress but also being a mother to her teenage daughter. The way she raised Suri was not the same as her ex-husband.

What kind of mother is Katie and how does her upbringing as Suri differ from that of Tom Cruise?
In August 2014, Katie Holmes opened up about her love for Suri, saying she was unaware of how much love she had inside her and that it was “overwhelming”. She said that every day she discovers something more about the girl she had to mother.

The same year, the actress confessed, “My main goal is to let her know how much I love her. To let her know that she is so loved.” She thought if that was the “guideline”, who would care if her first two pancakes were still burnt?

About the kitchen, in 2016 Holmes said she was a “solid 7” and revealed that she cooked breakfast so they could start the day calmly. Suri had her favorite breakfast foods, with her mother admitting she had no tactics for greedy kids.

The star explained that she does things she knows her daughter would like and only introduces something new once in a while. The ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star explained that motherhood is the job she finds the most fulfilling.

In 2017, Holmes said her daughter was the most important person to her and her upbringing was “paramount”. She felt it was crucial that she be present and that Suri, who turns 16 in 2023, has an innocent and stable childhood.

The actress felt blessed to do what she did and felt there was nothing better than seeing her child succeed. In 2019, the star also revealed that she and her daughter have their own fitness routines.

[Tony] Ortega thought actress [Katie Holmes] just wanted to get away from Suri [Cruise]
Katie Holmes sometimes worked out with her daughter, and from time to time their routines overlapped. However, she never pushed her daughter to exercise with her because she didn’t want to embarrass her and she knew it was a “lame” move.

The way the actress raised Suri was very different from Tom, who she was married to for six years before splitting in 2012. In 2018, it was revealed that the ‘Mission Impossible’ actor could see his daughter ten days a month, but chose not to.

A source said it was the custody agreement, which was settled eleven days after the divorce was filed, Tom and Holmes had agreed, but he did not pursue it because his daughter n wasn’t a Scientologist. The actor, surprised when Holmes filed for divorce, hasn’t been pictured with his daughter since 2013.

Tony Ortega, a Scientology critic, noted that Holmes likely signed a nondisclosure agreement that she would not speak negatively about religion to gain primary custody. Ortega thinks the actress just wanted to get away with Suri.

Tom reportedly pays more than $33,000 a month in child support, and in 2019 a source claimed he still loves Suri. The source alleged that the actor “never intended to walk away” from his daughter as he had a family with Holmes and hoped to mend their relationship one day.

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