Joker bought a crocodile robot and launched it into the lake, while he himself began to film the reaction of vacationers

The lake has always attracted people as a great place to relax, which is why one man decided to play his prank here. Having bought a radio-controlled crocodile robot, the joker went ashore. Controlling the toy from the shore, the man filmed how people reacted to the appearance of a crocodile.

Finding robots like the one the man used for his prank isn’t hard at all. In fact, this toy is just the head of a reptile, which not only stays on the water, but also moves, obeying a signal given by a person from the control panel.

The head of the crocodile was made realistic, so the joker decided to use it. First, he sent the toy to the girl who was resting on the water.

The girl set a real speed record, being on the shore in less than a minute.

The man continued to frighten vacationers, filming their reaction on video. The video turned out to be funny, but obviously not for those who got into the camera lens, swimming away from what they perceived as a predatory reptile.
It is better not to repeat such jokes, because one of those who became the victim of a joke may decide to take revenge on the joker.

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