Exceptional birth: See what the girl who was born without a nose looks like today

Tessa Evans is a perfectly normal girl, except for one very unusual characteristic: she was born without a nose. This feature is called congenital absence aplasia of an organ or body part. This anomaly is so rare that only 47 cases have been recorded so far in the UK. The child is now 8 years old.

But the parents were warned about the abnormally flat profile of the face at the time of the ultrasound. They did not terminate the pregnancy. But neither could they immediately get used to the fact that their child would not have a nose.

They also had to perform a tracheostomy so that the baby could breathe normally during meals.
The plan is to operate on the baby’s nose.

The nose is supposed to develop as the baby grows. Despite the many difficulties the girl has already faced, she remains happy and smiling.

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