An unusual pair of friends: A wild giraffe finds a rabbit and decides to raise it

Ayesha Kantor is the owner of Kragga Kamma Game Park in South Africa.
The park is home to many animals: rhinos, giraffes, antelopes, zebras, cheetahs, etc.

Visitors come to the park to participate in guided tours and observe wildlife in the most natural conditions possible.
One day, Ayesha was driving with her daughter Tammari when she saw something that knocked her out of the car: a beautiful giraffe at sunset.
Ayesha decided to take a picture of the animal. She didn’t immediately notice the giraffe curiously examining something between her legs.

Following her gaze, Ayesha and Tammari saw a small black and white rabbit sitting in the grass.
We were very surprised when we saw the rabbit,” says Ayesha. «He was very calm and even relaxed, lying between the giraffe’s legs, his back stretched out.
It was a domestic rabbit and it is not known how it ended up among the wild animals in the park.
Ayesha thought he must have escaped from a nearby farm. If so, she was lucky the predators hadn’t caught it yet.
Ayesha and Tammari watched the giraffe and rabbit for about 45 minutes. They thought that when the giraffe started moving, the rabbit would get scared and run away.

But this is not the case.
The giraffe trampled the grass, but the rabbit did not run away. The giraffe leaned over and smelled the rabbit, but it didn’t run away.
Sometimes the giraffe seemed to crush the rabbit in one motion. But he was so nice and didn’t hurt her. Amazingly, the rabbit showed no signs of fear.
Finally, night fell and Ayesha and her daughter returned home. But even after they left, the giraffe and the rabbit were close.
It was a very unusual situation. It is amazing that a rabbit, without any survival experience, can survive in a park full of predators like jackals and caracals. Maybe the giraffe has become his protector?

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