After 37 years of races, the Iowa Greyhound Park is officially closed

HSUS announced “Today we have a victory. After 37 years of races dogs in Iowa will no longer be forced to participate in this cruel sport.That is a real victory for everybody. For this victory we fought hard and finally we got this». Finally, Greyhounds in Iowa will be closed. And a huge victory for greyhounds can be celebrated.

Dogs racings must be closed everywhere. It is illegal in 42 states. West Virginia has two racetracks. The last racetrack in Arkansas is closing.

Dog racing needs to be illegal worldwide.

There are a lot of Issues Racing Greyhounds Face:confinement – for 20-23 hours a day in cramped cages,injuries & Deaths,drugs and others.
Dogs suffer because profits are more important than animal welfare.”

GREY2K works tirelessly to end dog racing and promote greyhound adoption.

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