Adorable little girl prays with mom and dad before meal

An adorable moment was captured on camera when a 20-month-old baby girl prayed with her eyes tightly closed, holding hands with her mum and dad during the meal.

Little Eloise Incorvaia learned to pray when she was only one and a half years old. It’s amazing how his mother and father instilled faith in him so early in life.

You can see Eloise sitting in her high chair with her arms outstretched, holding her parents’ hands and closing her eyes tightly.

Then Eloise’s father recites: “Heavenly Father, thank you very much for this food, and thank you very much for my beautiful daughters. May this food bless our bodies and keep us safe.”

After the family has finished praying, the sweet little girl is the first to say “Amen.” She just started to say a few little words.

The video went viral and was shown on Fox News, The Ellen Show and The Today Show.

Babies are truly adorable beings who bring us joy. This little girl has “conquered” the hearts of everyone who has seen the video since it was posted in 2017.

According to the father, the little girl loves to pray, a tradition that accompanies the family before each meal.

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