A young model with special needs inspires others to follow their dreams despite the difficulties

The 22-year-old Venezuelan has shown the world that Down Syndrome cannot stop her from achieving her goals. She became a model and actively participates in stylish photo shoots.

When we see a beautiful and successful person, we do not think about how much effort he made to achieve his goals. Only the man himself and his family are aware of the full dedication and all the obstacles they have gone through in order to achieve success today. This is especially true for inclusion.

Let’s discover together the story of a talented and driven model with Down’s Syndrome who is an inspiration to so many people around the world.

Beauty with Down Syndrome.

Jessica Jacinto is 22 years old and lives in Valencia, Venezuela. The girl was born with Down syndrome, but this did not stop her from pursuing her dream. One of them is to become a professional model. And that is exactly what the Venezuelan has achieved after years of hard work and motivation to become a catwalk star.

“I really like to be photographed and walk the catwalk,” says the girl. And with the support of her mother, who unconditionally guided her daughter and was always there throughout the journey, Jessica’s dream came true. As an aspiring model, she actively participates in numerous auditions and competitions.

Our heroine began to take the first steps towards her dream at the age of 14. Jacinto has already received invitations from local entrepreneurs and designers who have drawn attention to her craftsmanship. It is believed that the girl has exceptional charisma and strength, which made her a star not only in her native country.

Jessica’s mom says: “I never get tired of wishing her that her dreams come true and I believe that one day it will happen.”

Not so long ago, the first model with Down syndrome appeared in an advertising campaign for Victoria’s Secret. The girl from Puerto Rico is named Sophia Girau, she is 24 years old and she took part in a fashion shoot for a famous brand.

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