A young dog who was abused and has multiple health issues is fighting for his life

Kitty isn’t even two years old, but she’s already endured a lot of human pain and anger. Despite this, the little dog is resistant and affectionate. She still has a long way to go, but her condition has already improved thanks to the association’s volunteers who came to her aid.

Kitty was abandoned by her owner at Arundawn Dog Rescue in Sussex, England on June 7. The poor girl was in a terrible state.
As a result of her owner’s negligence, she had developed severe glaucoma (a degenerative disease of the optic nerve) which left her blind in her right eye. In addition, his coat was severely matted and infested with fleas.
Emergency treatment at the veterinary clinic
Arundown Dog Rescue staff are not used to such cases. “Another abandoned dog with health issues and in a shocking state of neglect,” a spokesperson lamented in an interview with the Mirror.

He added that despite her pain, Kitty is full of affection and wants to be loved.
His fur has been brushed and cleared of external parasites. She was also dewormed and sterilized.
Kitty’s story caused a stir on the internet. Many people in the community are expressing their grief and support for the bereaved. More than 1,400 posts have been posted in support of the search for Kitty’s adoptive parents.

Once she recovers from the operation and regains her confidence, she can be placed in a loving home. In any case, she needs a calm environment, without other dogs or small children. Above all, Kitty craves love and affection, which she can repay in full.

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