A goose came to the aid of a frozen lost puppy: he covered him with a wing to warm him

Animals are kind and compassionate, so they often do not leave children in trouble, even if they are not their own children. Even animals, which we used to consider antagonists, often come to the rescue if babies suffer.

This story is about a little puppy and a goose, which shows that there are no barriers to kindness and friendship. The behavior of these animals proves that our smaller brothers are able to come to the rescue and help each other in difficult times.

The puppy did not have a home, his mother was not around, he was all alone and very cold. Perhaps the baby was lost, or maybe his mother left him here and he simply did not know where to go now. The helpless baby was saved by a goose passing by.

The bird noticed that the baby was trembling from the cold, so she immediately approached him and hid the puppy under her wing.

This is how geese warm their babies, so the bird decided that in a similar way she could warm a puppy. One of the passers-by noticed this unusual scene and took a couple of photos. Pictures quickly spread on the network, I want to believe that such popularity helped the puppy find a new home where he will be taken care of.

Similar cases when animals help babies of other species occur very often. In one of these stories, an elephant helped a little lion cub. Because of the heat, the baby could not walk, then the big elephant picked him up with her trunk and carried him.

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