A dog with a good heart: Nike raised 3 kittens left in a landfill

Naida is a dog with a big heart, who could not leave three helpless kittens and became a real mother for them.

At the landfill, Naida appeared to find something to eat, but instead she caught sight of three tiny kittens, who were not next to their mother.

The kids were crying from hunger, it was noticeable that they were alone for more than an hour. Naida recently became a mother, but when one day she went out in search of food, her kids disappeared. Naida still had milk, and smelling it, the kittens began to cuddle up to her in search of food and warmth. Naida missed her babies, she was very lonely, so she considered the appearance of kittens on her way a sign from above. The dog decided to help the kittens, she took care of them, protected them from adversity and found food so that they would not need anything.

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