14 liters of soup and a bucket of potatoes a day: At 32, a woman gave birth to 12 children


The couple now hope to adopt more children.

Kate believes children are the greatest joy in life. The woman is just over 30 and she works as a mother every day.

Kate and her husband Janis have 12 children. Their eldest son is 14 years old and the youngest is only one year old. Katya got pregnant almost every year, starting when she was 18.

She gave birth to her first child when she was 19.

The Kirichenkos met very romantically. Young Kate and Janis knew each other through mutual acquaintances.

The guy took Kate’s phone number, but hesitated for a long time before calling. Finally, the future lovers agreed on the phone to meet.

However, they had to cancel the date because Janis broke her leg due to an accident.

The guy was recovering at home and Kate had to go to the hospital herself. She needed care, but all her friends left for the New Year holidays.

Janis visited Kate every day and, with a broken leg, walked up the stairs to the ninth floor, as there was no elevator at the hospital.

sHis sensitivity and kindness touched Kate’s heart. The girl accepted his proposal to start a family; they married when Katya was 18.

A year later, the first son, Jean, was born in the Kirichenko family.

The dream of the spouses was the birth of a daughter. When Kate was 20, their daughter Eva was born. The girl was calm, and Kate liked to talk about the weather. For this reason, she and her husband decided to have a third child.

“We boil 14 liters of soup and peel a bucket of potatoes a day…”

To prepare breakfast, Kate got up at 6:30 a.m. every day. She drew water from the well and cooked 50 to 60 eggs or about 100 pancakes.

Then she sent the children to school or kindergarten, while she herself takes care of the housework and cooks dinner – 14 liters of soup.

The older children helped their mother: they fed the chickens and the cows, prepared the hay, worked in the garden and cooked together. For example, they were peeling a bucket of potatoes.

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