Touching video of a dog missing for 10 months who is reunited with his family

This family has been devastated by the loss of their faithful four-legged friend, Conway. They thought they would never see him again after ten long months of research, but thanks to a dog microchip, a miracle happened. Taylor and Emmitt Butts were the proud owners of Conway until his mysterious disappearance on November 11, 2021. The couple, who live in Highlands County in the US state of Florida, searched in vain for their beloved dog.
Ten months later, on September 13, 2022, the sheriff’s office is contacted about a stray dog found 30 miles from Taylor and Emmitt’s home.

Officers set out to capture the apparently weakened and emaciated animal. After scanning the electronic chip located on his neck, they were able to contact the owners who could not believe their ears.
In a video posted by the police on their social media accounts, the joy in the offices can be clearly seen.

The couple literally fell to the ground with excitement. It took Conway seconds to realize that his wandering was finally over and he had found his family.
The dog had changed physically after ten months spent alone or in bad company. He was very thin and needed to regain his strength. His owner took him to the vet to examine him. Conway was given vitamins to restore his former energy, but luckily he is not suffering from any illnesses.

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