To walk 10 km a day just to visit the one in his life

A 98-year-old man from Rochester, NY can make you believe that true love exists.

Luther Younger after 55 years of marriage, with his wife Waverlee he’s still deeply in love with her.

Luther is not tired to walk 10 km back and forth every day –no matter its raining or snowing – to visit his wife in hospital.

He became a local celebrity in Rochester.

For him its like a daily pilgrimage.

Many passers-by stop and offer their help, but 98 years old man refuses, he prefersto walk there. Besides for him walking around town is another way to build muscle.

He has an excellent physical shape, because he was a sailor. He does nor drink or smoke nad of course does not look his age.

Nine years ago his wife Waverlee Younger was diagnosed with a brain.
Doctors estimated that the woman had about five years to live.

But she was very strong and she has been in the hospital for nine years.
Husband and daughter Lutheta take care of her.

A few months ago, the woman was diagnosed with pneumonia. The husband’s visits have since become frequent.

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