This dog barked nonstop at the rug and got it right. There were unexpected guests

Funny, this case was told by a user of the network. The girl noticed that somehow her dog suddenly came and started barking at a certain place on the carpet.

At the same time, the animal, once in this very place, behaved rather strangely. Several days passed, but the behavior of the dog did not change, he did the same thing, moreover, he was in the middle part of the mat.

And then the hostess realized that the dog was behaving like this for a reason and decided to lift the carpet, which she did. It was empty under the carpet, but the dog did not let go and after that he became possessed, jumping tirelessly. And then the girl removed some floorboards. And it was there that the very surprise awaited him. A mother and baby opossums huddled under the boards.

At first, the mother of the family began to show aggression, trying to protect her babies, so it was impossible to move them, and the girl decided to just watch them. She later estimated that there were eight cubs under the ground.

To make the brood more comfortable, the girl made a spacious house especially for them, where they could move when they were older, and their mother would calm down and begin to trust her unwitting mistress. Emma has also started feeding them delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, which these animals simply love.

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