The journalists managed to talk with a teenager who did not notice Angelina Jolie in Lviv, he told what he was doing at that moment

His name is Julian, the guy himself, without knowing it, became popular on the Web in just a few minutes. And the thing is that he simply did not notice the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who visited one of the Lviv cafes. A 14-year-old resident of Lviv said that at that moment he was just listening to music and reading Instagram.

Julian says that on that day he visited the cafe «Lviv Croissants» by accident. He rode behind a wheel from a bicycle, but there was no suitable minibus for a long time and he decided to stop by for a bite to eat.

“I sat down at a table and out of the corner of my ear I heard that someone was speaking English. Somehow he didn’t notice her. That is, he saw, but did not understand who it was. I didn’t know … ”, the guy shares.

Yulik says that he has watched many films with Jolie and knows perfectly well who she is, but did not notice her that day. After all, in life she is different, more beautiful.

“I was listening to music at that moment and just scrolling through the Instagram feed,” he recalls.

After the cafe, Yulik went home without suspecting anything. And already at home, his mother showed him a popular video, which in a matter of seconds spread all over the Internet and her son became already famous.


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