That was a miracle, because the God blessed them in this way

She gave birth to quads and that was enough to be the happiest one in the world. The hero of this story Kayla was 32-year-old and gave birth to Reese, Jameson, Oaklee and Lincoln.

Here are her babies first photoes which are like an old family album snap of Kayla as a baby alongside her triplet brother and sister.

That was a story of patience , hope and finally a victory
Two years ago she fell pregnant with triplets after fertility treatment.
Two of the tots survived but one died in the womb.
So when she conceived again Kayla was surprised and could not believe when she knew she would have four more children.

According to her words the tried for so many years to fall pregnant naturally and to discover I was going to have four babies, especially when I’m a triplet myself, was just unbelievable. Of course there was a risk ,but fortunately all the babies were born safely.

Kayla and social worker Allen began to start fertility treatment in 2016 .Before that time they adopted her brother’s two daughters.

Two of the triplets were born safely in August 2017 and the quads arrived in March this year. They spent 10 years trying for a family and now they have a massive family of eight children.

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