Scary-looking fish: Researchers discovered an underwater volcanic chain

If you think we’ve seen the end of scary-looking marine species, think again. Despite discovering dozens of new marine species every year, scientists are certain that much of the ocean remains a mystery. Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and most of it remains unexplored. In fact, less than 5% of the oceans have been mapped, leaving plenty of room for the discovery of new life forms.
Frightening creatures Like many things, their discovery is sometimes neither planned nor intended. In this case, the researchers were in an area where they were carrying out another mission – searching for lobster larvae nursery areas – when they came across an extinct volcanic chain teeming with a variety of spooky-looking fish.
This discovery calls into question previous studies on juvenile fish, which postulated that larvae, once washed out to sea, no longer existed.Professor Iain Suthers, the trip’s chief scientist and a marine biologist, admits he was surprised to discover a nursery for these little creatures so far out at sea, especially at a time when they are least expected.

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