Richard Gere has passed on his unique charm and elegance to his eldest son, Homer.

It hasn’t been long since Richard Gere, at 70 years old, became a father again.

Last February, Richard and his wife, Alejandra Silva, who is 35 years old, welcomed a baby boy into the world. While the baby is the first child for Gere and Silva together, both of them have children from previous relationships.

For Gere, he has a 20-year-old son named Homer James Jigme, whom he shares custody of with his ex-wife, Carey Lowell.

Admit it… you’re curious to see what this 20-year-old young man looks like today. Fortunately, we have the answer – and you won’t be disappointed.

Richard Gere solidified his heartthrob status in Hollywood with roles in films like American Gigolo and iconic movies such as Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman.

Shortly thereafter, Richard met his first wife, model and actress Cindy Crawford. According to the media, the couple met at a barbecue.

“We talked, then we had a date, then another one,” Crawford said.

Quickly, the couple became one of Hollywood’s most popular pairs, with paparazzi chasing them wherever they went.

Gere and Crawford graced red carpets and magazine covers, and dined at the finest restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. However, Gere wondered if he would marry his young love.

But in December 1991, the couple decided to fly to Las Vegas and tie the knot. The wedding was far from extravagant – only a few guests were present at the chapel.

Four years later, it was divorce. Cindy Crawford always felt the age difference was too significant.

She was 22, and Richard was 39 when they first met.

“I think at 22, I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll follow,’ and then it’s like, ‘Well, I don’t want to just follow—I want to occasionally lead and sometimes walk side by side,'” she admitted.

Then, seven years after the end of his marriage, Gere met model and actress Carey Lowell.

In February 2000, they welcomed their one and only child, Homer Gere.

During his relationship with Crawford, Gere had been reluctant to have children. With Carey Lowell, everything changed.

“It was actually quite simple. I never had any problem with children one way or the other. With Carey, who had a child from a previous marriage, it was quite natural to take care of that child and have our own child. It was entirely normal and voluntary,” he said to The Guardian in 2002.

Homer was born in New York, and his parents gave him the names of their respective fathers, as well as the Tibetan name Jigme, in honor of Gere’s commitment to human rights in Tibet.

When the Pretty Woman actor spoke about how fatherhood can change a man, he told The Guardian:

“The peripheral things don’t affect you as much when you compare them to the real things in your life. All the clichés [about parenthood] are true.”

Homer found himself in the spotlight at a young age because his parents were global celebrities.

When his mother and father went their separate ways in 2003, there was extensive coverage of the family’s private life.

At times, there were many speculations and low blows surrounding the divorce. Homer was once again in the spotlight as his parents were in a dispute over who would have custody of him.

According to reports, Carey Lowell exerted significant pressure because she had stopped working for several years. Lowell claimed that she had given up her career for Gere and their son Homer and was therefore entitled to half of his earnings from the date of their marriage in 2002.

Homer James Jigme Gere has a half-sister named Hannah Dunne, born from his mother Carey Lowell’s previous marriage to actor, producer, and director Thomas Griffin Dunne.

Then, last year, Homer welcomed a half-brother when his father’s wife, Alejandra Silva, gave birth to a baby boy in New York.

Unlike his father, Homer prefers to keep a low profile. He currently lives in New York.

From what we can see, Richard has indeed passed on his unique charm and grace to his son.

However, unlike his father, Homer prefers to keep a low profile. Nevertheless, even though he generally tries to stay discreet, Homer has made several public appearances with both of his parents during his childhood.

For instance, Homer has been seen alongside his father at the largest children’s film festival in Europe, the “Giffoni Film Festival,” in Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy.

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