Firefighters Rescued 8 Puppies From Sewers, But Turned Out They Weren’t Puppies At All

The fire department, led by Brian Vaughan, received a call. The caller said there were 8 puppies in the storm drains but he can’t get them out on his own, help is needed or the children will die.

The man was able to see the little black Labradors, most likely left in the drain by indifferent owners.

Firefighters responded to the call and immediately rushed to the scene. After 20 minutes the puppies were delivered.

Luckily, no one was injured, everyone was safe and sound. The only thing that bothered the rescuers was that they didn’t look like little dogs at all.

The “puppies” were delivered to an animal rescue organization located near Pikes Peak. After examination by the veterinarian, it turned out that they were newborn foxes. Travis Sauder, director of Colorado Park and Wildlife, says foxes are common in their area.

And for the production of offspring, they often choose not quite suitable shelters, for example, such as manholes.

After consultation, the experts decide to return the «discovery» and wait for the mother’s return. If she doesn’t, they will be sent to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

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