Beautiful Baby Girl Can’t Stop Crying Until Dad Finally Finds The Thing That Works Every Time

This sweet little girl only calms down when her father is near. We would expect little babies to calm down when their moms are around, but in this case, the father’s voice has something to do with it. Little Arial stops crying instantly when she hears her father’s voice.

And that may be a particular reason why she adores her father’s voice so much. He is a very popular singer and songwriter. We are talking about Tyrone Wells.

The artist has already released eleven albums and he has a lot of fans all over the world. But it seems no one loves his music more than little Arial. Babies are known to know their mother’s voice best, but Parenting Magazine shows that the father’s voice is also very important.

And according to this magazine, talking with babies before they are born as a father is just as important. “Research shows that unborn babies can recognize their mother’s voice from 32 weeks.

So put on your best karaoke, read [the baby] an Esquire article, or just tell them how your day was,” Parenting Magazine motivating their study. So, it’s clear that Tyrone chatted a lot with his adorable daughter before she was born. Because now, all he has to do is hear his father’s voice to calm him down, no matter what.

In fact, not only does she calm down when she hears her father’s voice, but she also begins to smile. Watch the video below to convince yourself of this powerful bond between Arial and her father!

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