At 19, this cat takes his new role as mascot of a retirement home very seriously

Since arriving in a residence for seniors with its owner, Simba has gradually and spontaneously taken on the role of ambassador of the establishment. The old cat is always there to welcome new residents and visitors, as well as to receive their caresses.

For a little less than 2 years, Liz Baker has resided at the Stone Creek Assisted Living Center, a retirement home located in Alliance, Ohio. She lives there with her senior cat Simba, 19.

This is an age that not many felines reach. However, this does not prevent him from being full of spirit and joie de vivre, even if he obviously no longer has the ardor of his youth.

Liz Baker had adopted him 9 years earlier. She recounts her arrival at her home in KFOR. “He went around my room, went down to the living room and crossed the dining room, remembers the retiree. He then came back, sat down next to the shipping crate and looked at me, looking like he was like, ‘I guess that’ll do’.»

They have not left each other since, the senior of Alliance allowing its residents to keep their pets. Simba is not the type to sleep snuggled up against her, but he still knows how to be tender and affectionate. This is what he does with everyone at the Stone Creek Assisted Living Center, of which he has become the mascot by force of circumstance.

Always ready to party with newcomers and receive scratches
Every day, his mistress takes him on board her little mobility scooter and gives him a breath of fresh air in the garden of the residence. The opportunity for Simba to find and greet the other residents. And when there is a new resident or visitors, the duo is always there to welcome them.

The staff of the retirement home appreciate the presence of this ginger cat and the good humor it brings. «He’ll go to anyone who scratches his chin,» says McKaylynn Stephens, an employee at the Stone Creek center.

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