An elderly couple and their dog trapped in their submerged vehicle saved in extremis by a neighbor

Heavy rains hit Mexico, causing unprecedented flooding. Many motorists found themselves trapped in their cars during the rising waters. Fortunately, the residents showed solidarity. In this video, 2 retirees and their dog were saved just before their 4X4 was completely submerged.

The city of Nuevo Léon in Mexico has recently suffered the vagaries of global warming. Torrential rains fell in a very short time on extremely dry and impermeable ground.

The streets were then flooded within minutes. In a panic, an elderly couple in their 4X4 got caught up in the rapidly rising waters. On board was also their beloved doggie.

Their lives were in danger and it was necessary to act quickly. Fortunately, a neighbor who witnessed the scene, Chuy, did not sit idly by.

The man tied himself firmly with a chain so as not to be swept away by the current, armed himself with a hammer, then headed towards the vehicle without thinking in the hope of break a window.

With relentless force, he hit the glass several times before he finally, finally, didn’t let go.

During this time, the water had already reached the upper part of the window. In a hurry, Chuy evacuated the canine which he entrusted to an individual who had come to lend a hand.

The 2 retirees were then rescued in turn. Chuy carried the woman on her back to safety before returning to pick up her husband still inside the cabin.

An act of bravery hailed on the web
Fortunately, none of them were injured. Video of the scene has gone viral online. It has been viewed more than 888,000 times and has generated a lot of reactions from Internet users.

In particular, we can read in the comments: “It’s adorable the way the doggie mimed swimming with his paws”, “thank you sir, you saved 3 lives today. They will be eternally grateful to you for having also thought of their furball”, or even “an act of bravery that deserves a standing ovation”.


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