A few weeks after giving birth, the mother’s belly begins to grow and she realizes that she is carrying two children

Almost six weeks after giving birth, the woman felt sick and exhausted. She felt more and more satiated and her belly grew strangely. She then underwent an ultrasound, and to the surprising discovery, she stiffened up.

A few weeks after a difficult childbirth, some mothers feel like before pregnancy. For an Australian mother, however, it was quite the opposite.
In January 2016, Eliza Kirby and her boyfriend Ben welcomed the birth of a baby girl, Charlie. The couple were happy to have a small family, but after six weeks they found themselves in trouble when Eliza’s belly mysteriously swelled.
While the first few weeks after giving birth are a time of rejuvenation for many new mothers, this was not the case for Elise. The first few weeks after giving birth were the hardest, but for some reason she was constantly exhausted and felt full.

Ben thought it was a joke. The couple had just had their first child and it was unthinkable that Elise would become pregnant again after six months. But the mother was not deterred. She was confused, exhausted and just wanted to find out the truth.
Out of curiosity, Elise took a pregnancy test, which turned out to be negative. But something is wrong, and she decides to do more tests. But after two weeks and four tests, it was clear: Elise was pregnant.
The couple couldn’t believe their eyes. They immediately rushed to the doctor to confirm the news. The stunned doctor sent them for an ultrasound. That’s when more shocking details were revealed.

The mother was shocked by this discovery, but very excited. Although there were fraternal twins in the couple’s family, neither had identical twins until the news of the pregnancy became official.
Eliza was thrilled, but it took her a little over two months and thousands of internet searches to come to terms with the double joy that had grown inside her. «I didn’t think about it much because I was nervous and wondering how I was going to cope,» she said.
For the next few months, Elise leads a comfortable life, putting off the idea of ​​becoming a mother again until she is too big to pretend.
Fortunately, Elise’s pregnancy was not as difficult as she had imagined. Her twins reached 36 weeks and even passed the 3 kg test. In just 11 months, Elise gave birth to three babies, two of them consecutively! However, the expansion of his family led to a change in his initial plans.

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