7-year-old girl conquered the Network with her gorgeous hair

Many girls and women spend a lot of money on caring for their hair, sometimes in order to achieve chic hair, you need to visit beauty salons several times a month.

And today we want to introduce a girl named Mia Aflafo, who is very lucky in this regard. She has been born with thick and beautiful hair, sometimes even people doubt that they are real!

But this is not a wig and not photoshop, they are the most natural!

One day my mother took Mia to the hairdresser Sagi Dahari. Having conjured a little with her hair, the master posted this photo on his page in social networks. After that, the baby became famous.

Sagi loved working with Mia’s hair so much that he became her personal stylist.


To date, the girl has her own Instagram account, where there are already more than 130 thousand subscribers. Of course, not everyone believes that her hair is given to her by nature.

However, Sagi Dahari does not tire of repeating: his pet’s hair is the most natural.

Be that as it may, this sweet 7-year-old girl with expressive green eyes and luxurious hair conquers at first sight!

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