The rescued pig and cat have become best friends and are practically inseparable

Have you met them? Here we see Lara, a pig, and Maria, a cat.

At the Sanctuary for Interspecific Equality in Chile, both were rescued by animal rights defenders.

When Maria was still a newborn, a kind person who came to her aid picked her up from the street.

She was only a few days old at the time, and it was clear that the baby wouldn’t wake up until dawn. Lara, however, shared the same fate.

She was born into a less than ideal position, despite being rescued and a refugee. When they met for the first time in the shelter, they hugged.

We also want to give credit to the people who save our canine companions in the hope that their actions can serve as an example to others.

Many of our little companions suffer every day due to the actions of others.

Don’t you think this is a fantastic story? Every story, in my opinion, should come to a satisfying conclusion.

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