Plantain: properties and benefits of this spontaneous medicinal plant

Everywhere we look, from meadows to gardens, wild medicinal plants surround us, carrying immense healing potential.
Many of these herbs, whether consumed in meals or as herbal teas, include powerhouses like dandelion leaves, goosefoot, nettle, raspberry leaves, and more. Among these, plantain stands out. And no, it’s not related to bananas. Both ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata) and broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) are underrated health-boosting garden greens.
Unearthing Plantain’s Potency
Want to harness the magic of plantain?
Cultivate a love for botany.
Find a chemical-free location to harvest.
Start your botanical collection journey.
Guide to Harvesting Plantain
Խոտաբույս, որը կօգնի բուժել թութքը, կկարգավորի արյան մեջ շաքարի ու  խոլեստերինի մակարդակը և կկանխի սպիերի առաջացումը - Լուրեր Հայաստանից ...
Once you’ve identified plantain leaves:

Gather them by detaching right from their base, either manually or with gardening shears.

If using fresh leaves, follow your recipe. For preserving, wash if necessary, then air-dry or use a dehydrator.

Plantain’s Healing Essence

A plantain leaf concoction soothes sore throats, combats dry coughs, and boosts immunity. To craft a tincture:

Foraging: Gather fresh plantain flowers. Blend broadleaf and ribwort for enhanced benefits.

Preparation: Process the leaves and shift to a sterilized container.

Addition: Mix with vodka or brandy in a 2:1 ratio.

Patience: Store in a dark place for 4-6 weeks.

Եզան լեզվի օգտակար հատկությունները -

Dosage & Care

For adults, take up to 1 ml thrice a day. Ensure every jar is clearly labeled to avoid mix-ups.

Diverse Uses of Plantain

Plantain offers a spectrum of remedies:

Poultices: Helpful in summers for insect bites and stings.

Infused Oils: Offers relief for skin issues.

Infused Vinegar: Useful for sunburns and as a scalp rinse.

Եզան լեզուն թութքի, շաքարի բարձր մակարդակի և խոլեստերինի դեմ

Lotions and Balms: Soothes skin irritations and crafts natural lip balms.

Bath Salts: For a refreshing soak.

Salves: An essential in a natural first aid kit.

Edible Plantain: A Natural Delicacy

Plantain isn’t just for external applications. Incorporate fresh leaves in salads, toast its seeds for snacking, or use it to soothe winter coughs. If you can’t find it locally, dried plantain is available online, ensuring you’re never without this natural remedy.

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