Care and love is an incredible force
There is such a saying „the dog becomes biting from the life of a
The dog had no chance and just could beg
The dog lay on the side of the road for several days. A few
This dog has never been inside a house in her entire life and one day…
Throughout her life, a dog named Sundae, all she had known for a home
The dog died of hunger. Her puppies were already motionless, „gone to the rainbow“
The dog was in a terrible state when caring passers-by found it. Hundreds of
A girl managed to save an almost blind street kitten
Despite the fact that people have become more callous and cynical in recent years,
They risk their lives, try to save dogs and cats
In Kiev, the city which is  under heavy bombings and attacks by Russian forces,
“Every day is a new adventure”.A cat with a broken spine, found on a farm, thwarts the fatalistic diagnoses of veterinarians!
Merida desperately needed help. The young cat was found in very poor condition on
What a joy it is to be able to welcome a new “little brother”!
The birth of a child is a joyful event, but the meeting of a