Dog goes crazy in the middle of the night when he finds a ‚monster‘ in his bed

At four months, the dog is ready to protect his master from anyone, even the „monsters“ he has invented.
A few weeks ago, a brave pup woke a sleeping family in the middle of the night with a heartbreaking bark.
It turned out that Nova had found an unknown creature in her bed and, like any self-respecting dog, she went on the attack.

“The clock showed past midnight. While I was sleeping, I heard Nova barking loudly. As she is usually quiet at night, I decided to check the camera on top of her cage with my phone and saw that she was looking at an object and circling it again and again.” said the dog’s owner, Taylor Eubanks.
Taylor thought it might be a snake and rushed to save the pup.

But to her surprise, the terrifying „monster“ that had scared Nova so much turned out to be a ball of yarn.
During the day, the dog had ripped him off the blanket with his teeth and left him on the floor.
But even after the lights were turned on, Nova stayed awake for a long time.
He looked carefully at the wire. The presence of his master gave him confidence, so much so that the dog even tried to attack the intruder several times.

.Nova couldn’t calm down until Taylor led the „intruder“ out of the room.
“The rest of the evening went off without a hitch,” Taylor says. And the suspect was thrown in the trash.”

The family was able to rest easy knowing that a brave and loyal – albeit very young – protector lived in their home.

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