A 76-year-old grandmother insulted for not dressing according to her age – her response silences the trolls.

The phrase „age is just a number“ is often used worldwide, but not everyone seems to believe in it. When this 76-year-old grandmother expressed her sense of style, she wasn’t greeted with the kindest words.

But she didn’t hold back either. Keep reading to find out more about what happened!

Candace Leslie Cima, a 76-year-old woman, wears multiple hats. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. But she’s also an artist, businesswoman, and model. This elderly person based in Buffalo, New York, runs a blog titled „Life In My 70s: Aging Is Changing.“

On her blog, she provides advice to other women on how to embrace the changes that occur as they age, as well as lifestyle and fashion tips. Cima explains that her interest in aging is not something new; she developed it when she was in her 20s and 30s. She has owned a senior living facility for several decades and has interacted with elderly people from all walks of life.

From her extensive experience with older individuals, Cima has concluded, „The one thing I’m sure of is that aging is changing. We’re not our mothers or grandmothers. We now have the opportunity to be productive, smart, compassionate, and stylish women throughout our lives.“

She also has a TikTok account where she shares her life and fashion choices with her approximately 100,000 followers. While she has many admirers, she also faces trolls who don’t like what she wears.

She often wears trendy clothes; in one video, she was seen wearing light blue pants, a short-sleeved white top, and heels. The text in the video mentioned that she often hears comments like she shouldn’t be wearing that because she’s „60 years old,“ to which she appears unfazed and reveals that she’s actually 75 years old at that time!

In another video, she was seen walking by a pool while on vacation in Florida, wearing a very chic black one-piece swimsuit. Comments from viewers praised her appearance.

On her blog, she frequently emphasizes the benefits of aging and the changes it brings as a person. Personally, she appreciates being less stressed as she gets older; learning new things and not being afraid are some of her favorite things. She tells women that aging can be the best thing that ever happened to them, stating, „Many older women are leading vibrant and fulfilling lives as they age. More and more women are setting records and breaking barriers.“

She is adamant about conveying to older women that they don’t need to conform to society’s established rules about what they can or cannot wear. She wants to challenge the idea that certain things can’t be done after a certain age.

With age, Cima understands how stress and anxiety can creep into one’s mind. She now knows that time and meditation can help her combat these feelings.

As she gets older, she has a better sense of what suits her in life. She shares, „Attitude is paramount, and changing how you look at something can change how you feel about it. Changing how you feel can change the outcome… Aging doesn’t mean stopping; it means you’ve accumulated a wisdom that can’t be stopped if you choose.“

With age, she becomes more aware of the importance of staying healthy. At 76 years old, she maintains an active routine and shares glimpses of what she does to stay in shape. She practices yoga to stay active and healthy.

Her yoga video has garnered numerous comments from people impressed by her flexibility, even at her age. She provides her audience with a great example of what healthy aging can look like. One viewer commented, „You are an inspiration! I’m 44 and have followed a few older women on social media to give me examples of graceful and healthy aging.“

Even when she’s subjected to racist remarks, she strives not to take them personally. This 76-year-old woman is a true example of ageless beauty!

Candace happily reminds us of what aging can look like if we stick to doing things on our terms. Share this inspiring article with your friends and family to let them know that graceful aging is possible!

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