Alizée, 38, changed careers to live in Corsica in a house with a swimming pool, thinks of another child & adopted a dog who almost died

It’s never too late to change your life if you wish! This is what the singer Alizée did when she decided to give up her musical career.

As a reminder, it was in the show “Graine de Star” that Alizée was spotted by Mylène Farmer. The latter then became his mentor, then wrote most of his hit songs such as “Moi… Lolita”, in 2000.

The singer was only 16 at the time, and had already sold over a million and a half singles. After which, her 1st album “Gourmandises” and her second single “L’Alizée” were released.

At the time, the young woman was even one of the best-selling French artists abroad, thanks to her international tour which made her song “Moi… Lolita” known. A great success that has indeed earned him a World Music Award.

It must be said that for many years, Alizée shone in the spotlight. However, things took a whole different turn, after his victory in season four of the show “Dancing with the stars”.

In particular, it was her meeting with the dancer Grégoire Lyonnet, with whom she fell in love, that definitively changed the artist’s life…

She ended her singing career
It was in 2013 that Alizée crossed paths with Grégoire Lyonnet, participating in the program “Dancing with the stars”. Thus, since then, they have never left each other.

The two lovebirds got married in 2016 and decided to settle in Corsica, enjoying a smooth and exciting daily life. A life away from show business.

And yes, after meeting her beloved husband, the interpreter of the song “I’m fed up” has decided to end her musical career, as she announced years ago.

“The musical page is turned, because I no longer want to make an album (…) make an album, for the moment, I put that aside”,

she said in an interview. An announcement that obviously shocked his fans. However, over time, they got used to it.

As for the native of Ajaccio, it must be said that she is happy in her life. In any case, today she enjoys her family, but also her other passion, dance. Note that with her husband, the singer opened dance halls for her artistic and professional activity.

“Since my last album, I especially enjoyed dancing with Greg. It is also a job that makes me earn money (…)”,

she confided in the columns of Télé Star.

Moreover, in May 2021, after the confinement period, the artist returned to his dance studio in Ajaccio, offering classes for younger generations and also classes for beginners, budding dancers.

His family life in his house with swimming pool
On August 21, 2022, Alizée once again showed that she leads a fulfilled life far from the spotlight. That day, the singer was indeed very happy, celebrating her 38th birthday, in the presence of her family, in her beautiful house with swimming pool.

For those who don’t know it yet, the former protege of Mylène Farmer actually has two daughters. There is Annily, the child she had with her former husband Jérémy Chatelain, and Maggy, born of her relationship with her current husband, in 2019.

It was with her two daughters that the former candidate for “Dancing with the Stars” was seen in a photo on Instagram, on her birthday.

A tender shot which obviously made more than one react, like the dancer Chris Marques and the widow of the Taulier, Laeticia Hallyday. Without forgetting also his many fans.

To see the photo that she posted on her Instagram account that day, it must be said that the darling of Grégoire Lyonnet is very close to her children.

And not only. She is also a proud and fulfilled mother. Moreover, regarding her role as a mother, Alizée already has a small idea in mind: to have a third child. She even confided in this subject in December 2021, during an interview with Magicmaman.

“With Grégoire, we think that if we don’t have a third child, Maggy may have the life of an only child, because in a year, Annily is leaving to live in London for her studies”,

she confided.

Alizée is  in love with animals

While Alizée and her husband are thinking of having another child for the happiness of their little girl Maggy, their family continues to grow.
In 2021, for example, they welcomed a puppy, which they presented on social networks. The little harlequin dachshund is indeed called Groot. A new member that the family quickly liked since she is a regular canine companion.

Let’s remember that before welcoming this adorable little beast, Alizée, her husband and her daughters have already opened their doors to another furry ball that they named Nala. It was during a visit to the Refuge de Caldaniccia in Ajaccio that they found this Australian Shepherd and Patou, then quickly fell in love with it.

It turns out that the dog had escaped from her old home, because of her mistreating master. But luckily, she was saved and was able to find her place in Alizée’s family.

Moreover, as the famous singer usually does, she has also already shared a photo of the adorable four-legged animal on social networks. And on this one, we were able to see Alizée’s dog and daughter, Annily, together lying on the ground.

A very cute photo which obviously made several Internet users react.

Her daughter is preparing for a move
As a reminder, on April 28, 2022, Alizée’s eldest daughter celebrated her 17th birthday. Given her age, the young girl will soon leave her family home.

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