A touching scene where the dog says goodbye to his master

This is the story of a dying person. His name was Ryan. He was only 33 years old. Unfortunately, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, he had a very provided and faithful friend – his dog. The dog was very attached to its owner. Clinic members brought the dog in to say goodbye to the owner.

The dying man’s sister said the scene was very touching. The dog sensed that his master was dying. He couldn’t find a place for himself. The dog was so excited and his eyes were full of sadness. He knew he would be gone soon.

He suffered greatly from the loss of his kind-hearted master. The only good news is that the dog is in good hands and the owner’s sister will take care of the dog. It is very touching that the heart of the man’s donor was transferred to a seventeen-year-old boy. He was saved by the donor’s heart.

Rest in peace Ryan.

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