They’re like 2 drops of water: See photos of 56-year-old sister and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is considered the King of Pop. He made a revolution in this field of music. Unfortunately the famous star left our world in 2009.
Michael Jackson is the star who started doing surgeries. He loved the changes in appearance due to aesthetic operations. Doctors claimed he had 12 cosmetic operations for his appearance.
Il a changé le form de ses lèvres, la couleur de sa peau, ses pommettes, le form de son nez, même il a fait une entaille des yeux. Les fans ont étonné en voyant les photos de la sœur du légende, Janet Jackson. Ils ont vu Janet dans sa jeunesse.
And now the appearance of the sister surprised everyone. We noticed that Janet also changed her skin color a bit. But she did it very subtly. Fans claimed that she takes a lot from her brother.

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