Sophie Marceau, 55, recently revealed her beauty secret

Sophie Marceau, an elegant, neat and charismatic actress, recently celebrated her 55th birthday. But looking at the photos of the French actress, it’s hard to believe! And of course we immediately want to know what the secret is.

Fortunately, the actress has nothing to hide and is happy to share her advice and opinions on the simplest things. Here are Sophie Marceau’s 6 beauty secrets.
Plump skin and the right accents instead of a ton of makeup.

“I don’t like makeup. It’s a necessity for my work, but in my everyday life, I only use foundation, and it’s just to hide an imperfection,” Sophie confessed.
The actress prefers a neat look without a lot of makeup, which gives her a certain lightness. Maximum highlights, eye shine or lip gloss.

Sophie’s hairstyle is practically her business card. The bangs that fall slightly over her eyes give her an airy and feminine look.
A real French nonchalance that many women admire. And this movie is definitely worth watching.
Healthy sleep and sun protection
Healthy sleep should not be underestimated as it influences the condition and appearance of the skin and increases its elasticity and firmness – and Sophie knows it.
This not only means sleep, but also UV protection. In other words, avoid harmful sun rays and use products with an SPF.
Olive oil instead of creams
Sophie’s smooth, radiant skin is as striking as her charming smile. And the secret, surprisingly, is not his endless anti-aging treatments, but the advice of his mother’s stylist, Marceau.
Work on yourself and make time to exercise.

Sophie’s slim, sculpted and neat figure is a true role model. The actress does not hide that she is not slouched and that she is still exercising. Not fanatically, of course, but for fun or when the reflection in the mirror is no longer happy.
Don’t diet, but don’t overeat either.
Sophie admits the birth of her son had a big impact on her diet.
Marceau also says that she is not gluttonous and that food is her “fuel, which must first be quality and then tasty”. And his eating habits are a boon for anyone who wants to shed a few pounds but doesn’t plan on following a strict diet.

Sophie’s beauty secrets include successful hair styling, skin care and exercise, as well as her sincere smile. All in all, she is a winning decoration for any woman. As the actress herself often says.

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